A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game was made for the Geeta game jam themed "Time is a curse". It is a Indie Horror game in which the players task is to find clocks, so his time won't run out. But each time the player increases his time,  something special happens.

Install instructions

Unzip the package and start the exe inside the folder


Linux build.zip 202 MB
WindowsBuild.zip 202 MB


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Wow, that is awesome! It‘s the first time someone let’s played a game I developed 😅

The mechanics, gameplay, animations and models are kind off raw, but this is due to the fact, that I have created  this game all by myself within the 3 day Geta Game Jam. 

If you are interested to see in which direction „Cuckoo“ will be going, be sure to check this page up regularly, as I am going to keep developing.

It's TIME for DEATH!!!!!!!!!